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LUXURIOUS quickl SLIM CAPSULES for slimming CAPSULE (slimming equipment)

LUXURIOUS quickl SLIM CAPSULES for slimming CAPSULE (slimming equipment)
Product Detailed
breast enhancement wrist & leg shaping, body shaping. photon treatment, lymph toxin high frequency output for body slimming


1. stimulating blood circulation and metalbolism;

2. Accommodating intestines,stomach and breathing system;

3. Elimilating bodily wastes and prevent diseases;

4.  Body slimming;

5. Easying neurasthenic, insomna;

6. Avoiding fatigue and recovering happy spirit;

7. Adjusting parasympathetic function;

8. Improving the immunity of urinary system and incretion system;

9. Easying heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, skin diseases , neuralgia and rheumatism;

10. Shorting the time of valetudinarianism people's rejuvenation.

special synthetic music combined with light and electric

far infrared ray and near infrared ray

ease pain and prevent re-accumulation of fat

12 electric-pulse sticking electrodes are offered

The latest three-color(yellow, green and blue) rays

360-degree,three-dimensional and all-directional radiations

GREEN light accommodates fattiness deposit and exudation prevents fattiness' rebound;

 Blue light relaxes, relieves stress, neutralizes the stimulation of infrared ray;

Red light activates digestive organ, opens defecation, strengthens the dissolving fattiness function of liver and kidney .

MARPANSATM –SPACE TUNNEL is developed by the company and can use far infrared ray, near infrared ray, color light, music, electric-pulse to stimulate synthetically of vision and hearing in a control environment. Body and spirit was relaxed adequately while obtaining the best brainwork, and taste peaceful frame of mind. Achieve favorable health care function while you are enjoying body care and body slim. 

Space Tunnel


Resonance vibration generated by special synthetic music combing with light and electric current brings you joviality mentally as well as beautifulness and health physically.

12 electric-pulse sticking electrodes are offered in the cabin for slimming.8 groups of computer program

The 8 groups of computer program of space tunnel use compound computer program which was invented by American NATIONAL FITNESS NEDICAL INDUSIRIES company in 1993, what is called compound computer program: it was formed by many groups automatic output unitary computer program. Before operating, according to the customers’ requirement, choose a group of compound computer program well done and can obtain a result which the customers are satisfied with. Do not need to contrapose every customer’s symptom, age, bodily form to change or set special computer program.

The latest three-color(yellow, green and blue) rays are added to give full play of optical .

What is called spectrum therapy: use the difference of color magnetic wave energy to change the therapy of skin, blood circulation, nerve tissue ect.

(A) Yellow yellow magnetic wave can stimulate verve and peptic, accelerate detoxifcation function of liver, nephridium and rurinary ladder, improve wrinkle, hypersusceptibility, folliculitis, acne ect.

(B) Green adjust nerve system directly, it can reduce pigue, depression and calm down heart, its wave length can penetrate into surface layer of the skin, it has adjustable function for the abnormality sebum exudation result in hyposecretion of comedo and lipin and even cause dryness.

(C) blue its wave length is very short, it can calm down and slack nerve tension, insomnia, hypertension and muscle nerve, at the same time, it also have abirritative function for erythema, erythralgia, purulence and sebum activity.

physical effect and improve metabolism, stretching and reforming skin tissue, recovering the densification and elasticity of skin. Such features are more advanced and superior to that kind of products.

360-degree, three-dimensional and all-directional radiation system

Powerful breakup of fat with light-wave heat energy triggered by synchronized light and electric current.

Able to realize quick dissolution of fat. The effect of 15-min radiation and pulse synchronization physiotherapy equals to consumption of 600-800 caloricity, running/moving for 3 hours or taking vapour sauna for 6 hours.

Electric pulse physiotherapy can improve fat cell metabolism, activate dissociation of ferment, break fat into fatty acid and triglyceride. Moreover, frequent micro-current is employed to stimulate muscular movement to achieve slimming, body trimming, elimination of toxin and beauty maintenace .

One-time physiotherapy can reduce your waist size by 1 to 3 centimeters and lose your weight by 2 to 9 kilograms in one course of treatment.

Specification: Dimention(mm):2350X1250X1570Material: acrylPower requirement: 220 V 50HzColor: Silver gray Power consumption:1680 W


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LUXURIOUS quickl SLIM CAPSULES for slimming CAPSULE (slimming equipment)

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